Working with the team at Net has been seamless. Not only do they take the time to understand your needs and vision but they also use their skills and experience to (very politely) let you know if your idea needs pivoting. I trust them implicitly and have valued their input throughout the time we have worked together. They put their heart and soul into all of their projects and always go above and beyond. Thank you Net for being amazing!

Nicole Bilham




Powering your potential offer a wild range of services that ripple out and affect more people that the person they work with. It was important for us to show this in their brand identity. The logo features a ripple type mark to represent this with he person being the central point. It was important to also have a shorter version of their logo as they had become known in their marked as PYP. A strong colour palette helps tie everything together and gives a cohesive feel to all things related to the brand identity.

Stefan Ritson

Creative Director


Website Design

The website needed to hold a lot of information while also maintaining a simple bite size approach as to not overwhelm the client. The colours and large graphics are used to break up the information in to smaller palatable snippets that allow you to scan for what is important to you as a viewer and read more in depth the specific information you are looking for. It was important to use lots of illustrations to represent elements of what they do and the colour palette helped us to keep this cohesive.

Stefan Ritson

Creative Director



Powering Your Potential has a number of great self-improvement materials to work with that we were keen to put into interactive on site tools that users could benefit from in a light and engaging way. Ranging from questionnaires to interactive forms, we worked with PYP to present them in an easy yet modern way for visitors to use again and again.

Cassia Sadler

Trainee Developer


Video Marketing

To help bring some of the real life results and impact both Steve and Andy have already had onto their website, we created a short testimonial video. Serving to build trust and champion the incredible work both guys do to help those looking for purpose, it features animation, talking heads and a professional opening that harmonises with the new look branding.

Liam Bland

Digital Marketing Manager


Charismatic duo Steve and Andy are an absolute joy to work with. From the ground up, this project has been absorbing in all the right ways, pushing our talents in web design, branding and video marketing to deliver a professional space they can market to future clients. Central to that outcome was the need to keep the site future proof, a space that can be expanded over time to include their growing list of resources, such as; blogs, videos, seminars and even interactive courses. What we have created hosts all of that and in addition, is easy to navigate making for a really positive user experience.

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