There are not enough positive adjectives to describe how valuable and amazing NET was in helping with every aspect of our conference. They came through in every way and I would highly recommend them again and again. We could not have done it without them.

Naomi Asher




The branding came very much from their existing brand with the addition of a few elements to create excitement. We used torn pages and handwritten fonts to promote the personal concept of the conference.

Stefan Ritson

Creative Director


Website Design

The website for the conference was designed around the key brand elements of IAFAR. The simple colour palette was retained for brand consistency with the addition of some new design elements to make the conference stand alone. We build a website with lots of functionality from showcasing speakers to the ability to buy tickets online. Each part of the website had clear navigation to allow the user to find the information they needed whether before or during the conference.

Stefan Ritson

Creative Director



We needed to create an id tag that could be filled out at the event for networking purposes. We printed the overview of events on the back so people always had it to hand.

Stefan Ritson

Creative Director


Printed Items

We developed a ranges of printed items for the conference from adverts to a program with a breakdown of the events details. Each item was a different format but needed to be clearly from the same event. We carried over the simplifies colour palette along with hand written fonts to create a cohesive look.

Stefan Ritson

Creative Director


Social Media

Integrating the conference into IAFAR’s existing social media gave us an fantastic opportunity to showcase our expertise in both organic and paid formats. Starting a campaign with clear goals to improve engagement, and ultimately ticket sales, meant building a host of resources to promote with, whilst maintaining consistent and organised platforms. We managed to find a nice balance, posting every day with speaker and seminar announcements, whilst complementing these posts with paid ads to bring in new and relevant audiences who would appreciate the content long after the conference had finished.

Liam Bland

Digital Marketing Manager



Working with our friends at IAFAR always provides the opportunity to push creative boundaries, and the conference was no exception. From marketing and print to web design and development, we had the whole team exercise their skills on this exciting campaign that pushed us to new places in the digital world. For one, live streaming the entire conference, dialling in panel members from across the world so they could deliver a seminar in real time with their counterparts in London was a complex task, but we’re so proud we were able to pull it off with little glitch and market the event, before and after, successfully is a testament to the hard work we put in alongside the brilliant non profit.

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