I’ve been working with Net for over 10 years and they have produced several websites for three of my businesses as well as helping us develop bespoke software solutions and amazing graphic design. They speak our language and take the time to fully understand and interpret what we think our needs are and contribute to providing a solution to those needs. I would highly recommend Annette and her team.

David Howarth

House Of Rum



When it came to branding House of Rum we tried various different routes but the owner kept coming back to this diablo idea he had in his head. The diablo head was born with a fire in his eyes. We created a crest to house the typography to the logo that the diablo head could be bursting out of. These are premium quality rums so we wanted that to form part of the logo but secondary. Black and gold became our signature colours with a firey red and white becoming additional colours for the flavoured rums.

Stefan Ritson

Creative Director


Website Design

With the web design for House of Rum it was important to be informative and add added value to the brand online. We included a section to include cocktail recipes a background of the story of the brand as well as showcasing the range and all the other blends the consumer might not have been aware of. We utilised video and great images to elevate the brand to showcase its premium market.

Stefan Ritson

Creative Director



The packaging needed to show a premium quality so we chose premium materials and kept our colour palette simple. The black on black came from the idea of exclusivity and having not seen that much before when it came to packaging of alcoholic products. The diablo head was turned into a 3d badge that could be added to the most premium product in the range, a limited edition XO Reserve rum which also came in a presentation box with matching glasses. The branding had to extend to other items such as seals and corks which all hold the brand in some form.

Stefan Ritson

Creative Director


Video Marketing

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Stefan Ritson

Creative Director


When we first received the brief for House of Rum, we could hardly contain our excitement. The project promised a challenge, but one that would allow us to express our creativity and lead us to something unique. The results were fitting of the brief and working with David was great fun, his enthusiasm and endeavour to create something special in a busy market was inspiring from design to development and we’re really pleased with the results.

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