Responsiveness and Creativity are two words that perfectly describe NET Development. NET took the time to understand our business and design marketing plans that increased our revenue each year. Whether it’s web design, print media, social media or google ad campaigns, they do it all and with expertise and, something you don’t get everywhere, caring and kindness. NET is truly invested in your success and will be the marketing partner that every small (and big) business desires to have on their side. Don’t look anywhere else for help. You’ve found the best!

Sue Lein

Camp Emerson


Website Design

A summer camp website should be fun and colourful but also appeal to the parents of the kids we are trying to attract. The addition of fun imagery and illustrated characters allowed up to portray a lot of usually mundane information that are essential to a business like dates and fees while representing them in a fun manner. Camp is a special place and we wanted to showcase it as best as we could so adding interactive elements and personal testimonials was key to getting our message across. The design has been through a few refreshes over the years we have been managing the website and each year we add new elements to continue the growth of the website.

Stefan Ritson

Creative Director


App Development

Camp Emerson had a unique and fantastic idea to keep their campers up-to-date with the camp outside of summer. What formed was The Bubble, an interactive portal we made available on all platforms including the web and mobile devices. The app contained everything the campers needed, including activities, a countdown, and a checklist to prepare them for the next summer camp. Each year campers would also login and accumulate the coveted Marv $, a currency they can spend on various things and rubber ducks when they arrive at camp. Together with Camp Emerson, we designed the Bubble to be fun and safe for all campers.

Cassia Sadler

Trainee Developer


PPC management

After spending a considerable amount in commission for summer camp agency referrals, we helped Camp Emerson establish a more sustainable way to guarantee enrollment, building a hugely successful PPC campaign. Using a combination of popular keywords, landing page features and flexible ad practices we managed to save the business literally thousands and enroll a number of first time campers from across the globe.

Liam Bland

Digital Marketing Manager


Social Media

Unlike many other pages we manage, Camp Emerson’s social media was home to a unique blend of followers. The only real crossover was that most had been campers over the past 50 years! So, tapping into that nostalgia, we created a consistent social media plan that spoke to past campers, parents looking for summer camps currently and of course, the campers themselves. We also used paid advertising in the lead up to opening, creating campaigns for enrollment, staff vacancies and their post summer ‘family camp’ to focused audiences that proved successful.

Liam Bland

Digital Marketing Manager


Coming together over a wide range of projects and managing to find success in each was by no means an easy feat, but it’s something we’ve all worked tirelessly on. And, in the case of Camp Emerson, in a fashion that we can all be extremely proud of. From the complexities in the design and build of the website, to the granular details required to make the ads so effective, we’re overjoyed with the results and that each year we get to work on a campaign as exciting as camp!

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