10 Things Your Home Page Needs…

The virtual front door, your home page is key to making a solid impression on your potential clients and/or customers. At Net, we’ve reviewed thousands of unique pages through the years, and regularly research modern examples to make sure our work is at the cutting edge of web design/development practices. In that research, we’ve found 10 things that are consistent with making an effective home page that we thought we’d share…

Written by Liam Bland

Clear and Engaging Visuals

Is your website capable of capturing attention from the off? With so many devices and distractions stealing our eyeballs at a moments notice, is your hero section effective at drawing your visitors in and gifting them intrigue to continue scrolling? High quality images, videos or illustration are used commonly to hold attention and provide stunning intros to the best business websites.

Sharp Content

In today’s day and age, users are less and less inclined to read huge walls of copy on a website. Your site needs to be purpose driven (more on that later) and be effective in its communication to keep users on site. Use clear headlines, subheadings and be concise in your copy that encourages site visitors to explore or take up your CTA…

Call to Action

Whether it’s making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter or exploring specific sections of your site, effective CTA buttons are crucial to keeping your site purpose driven and a key part of your sales/marketing strategy. Be clear on your goals form the off and optimise your site for them with standout and clear calls to action.

Simple Navigation

No matter your preference, if that’s burger menu or the classic bar, both have their place. However, what you need to make sure of, is that your navigation is easy to spot and simple to use. Keep the user experience firmly in mind when designing this component.

Social Proofing

One of the primary goals for any professional website is to build trust with your prospects. One of the most effective ways to do this one your home page is by incorporating testimonials, client logos and awards into the design. However, be warned, there is a balance. Too much social proofing and you risk coming across as too sales heavy and full of wind.

Responsive Design

In today’s mobile-centric world, a responsive design is non-negotiable. Ensure your home page is optimised for a variety of device types and offers something unique to the users of each to really standout from the crowd. This attention to detail is what separates the good from the great.

Search Functionality

If your website has an encyclopaedia of content, consider the user experience by including search functionality. This will enable guests to search for specifics quickly and make for a positive experience on the visitor front.

Consider Hierarchy and White Space

Make sure all your key messaging and CTA’s feature in the most engaging spaces. Paying specific attention to the hierarchy of your content and making sure it’s easy to digest by keeping it clear and concise.

Loading Speed

Slow speeds and long loading times are common pain points that result in high bounce rates. Taking the time to work on the back-end efficiency of your website is crucial to creating a competitive space that users enjoy and often return to. Make sure images are optimised, scripts are minimised, and you leverage caching techniques to keep load times short and bounce rate low.

Get The Footer Right

Make sure all the essential information is here and easily accessible for users. The footer is commonly used by visitors to navigate the site and collect any important contact details on a whim. Too many modern websites disregard the importance of a solid footer, but in today’s age of experimental and engaging websites, keeping your footer simple and effective is key to providing the best of both worlds. A standout home page with intuitive navigation.

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